Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Essential Crownbrush Kit! 'All Eyes on You Set'

The Essential Crownbrush kit for eyes! The ‘All Eyes On You’ Set contains five professional quality brushes for the eyes all being double ended, so all together you get 10 brushes in the kit including a soft metal pencil case to keep the brushes protected and easy to travel with. Perfect for applying, shading and blending products, this kit is ideal for all over eye makeup application.

Soft Metal Make-up Brush Pencil Case

Eye make-up brushes included in the kit

An all-in-one brush perfect for blending on the eyes. This double sided dense brush allows you to pack colour onto the lid in certain areas and simply flip to the other side to create a soft definition in the crease.

This double-ended brush is designed specifically for applying gel eyeliner. One side is for drawing a thin line along the lid and the other is to "smudge" or blend for dramatic effect. Or simple use the natural hair eye shadow side for eye shadow powder application and the takloon synthetic hair to layer a winged eyeliner on the top of your eye design. 

The large short oval brush side provides sweeping colour from lash to brow, while the firm, small pointed brush side is used along the upper and lower lash lines to create a softer more defined subtle eyeliner look using darker shade of powders. 

This is Ideal for Brows and lashes. Groom with the spoolie and then apply brow gel/powder to add texture or fullness to your brows with the angled synthetic side. I also love to use it for applying liner to the bottom and top lashes. 

The tapered contour brush allows you to sweep your Crownbrush Eye shadows onto the lid effortlessly. The pointed liner brush has stiffer bristles, ideal for lining both the upper and lower lids with ease. Either brush can be used wet or dry to create an endless array of translucent, foiled or opaque looks.

The 614 All Eyes On You Set is only £19.99 online

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