Friday, 7 June 2013

3 in 1 Concealer/Corrector and Foundation Palette! To help you get the perfect base...

I am in love with this Crownbrush 3 in 1 Concealer/Correctorand Foundation palette only £22.99!  With a cream texture which helps blend easily to instantly cover and brighten dark circles flaws or uneven areas. Helps mask pimples and other small blemishes visible on the skin. 

Containing six different cream based concealers, this palette allows you to combine shades to create the perfect one for your skin tone if you wish to use for foundation application. The concealers offer full opaque coverage and are easy to apply and blend with a synthetic Crownbrush concealerbrush. This is a great palette for everyday use or by makeup artists. The palette comes in matte black case which contains a mirror and is ideal for travel.
Before re-touching and airbrushing existed, top makeup artists achieved complexion perfection with Technicolor powders and creams. Brightly-hued concealers camouflage uneven skin tones in a snap. While the effect seems magical, the trick is simply a matter of understanding how different shades in the rainbow cancel each other out. 

Swatches of the Crownbrush Foundation/Corrector/Concealer Palette:

Here is my guide to colour-correcting makeup using the Crownbrush Foundation/Corrector/Concealer:

If you’re acne-prone, opt for the mint green corrector to neutralize too much flush. Green is great for covering any redness on the skin such as a blemish or rosacea.

During the winter your skin loses its sun-kissed glow, and your face can appear sallow and dull. The lilac colour mutes these yellow undertones. Just like bronzer, you should apply the lavender tint to areas where the sun would normally hit your face: cheekbones, nose, and chin.

Pink Tone:
While many factors contribute to dark under-eye circles, naturally thinner skin around the eyes reveals noticeable veins we’d like to cover up. A peachy-pink corrector is perfect for brightening the eye area.  If you have more yellow or green-toned shadows, opt for a pastel pink corrector. First apply a base concealer, then dab a rosy hue directly over bags to erase bold, blue capillaries and reflect light like a highlighter would.

The Crownbrush 3 in 1 Concealer/Corrector and Foundationpalette only £22.99 is available on

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  1. This looks so good! I really want to try more correctors and concealers, they're such an essential but I hardly ever try new ones!

    Molly x

  2. This palette looks amazing & so creamy!
    Megan xx

  3. that deep colour looks like it would be a good contour colour as well because its not got too much red in it