Monday, 17 June 2013

NEW! Crownbrush Black Designer Brush Tube Holder

Currently Crownbrush only have a Zebra and Leopard print make-up storage holders in the range. So I was relieved that the NEW Black Designer brush tube holder in a black faux snake skin design landed on my desk today, it looks so professional being in black! 

It’s the perfect functional barrel container made from patent faux leather which splits into two parts turning into two brush holders when I am working on set. Designed to help me keep my make-up brushes organised at home and on the go. Ideal for carrying your Crown brushes, sponges, disposables, pencils and more.

  • Uniquely designed to host your foundation brushes and other makeup essentials

  • Roomy and compact enough for carrying the absolute essentials

  • Durable patent material that is easy to wash

  • Great for traveling anywhere at anytime
*Sold without brushes

Makeup Pouch lid is big enough to be used for holding accessories
NEW Brush holder at Crownbrush HQ 

I am loving my NEW brush tube holder. It's easy to use and affordable at only £19.99!  Available at IMATS London first this weekend whilst stocks last. Soon online!



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