Thursday, 27 June 2013

Crownbrush Flawless Face Blender - How to use it!

Crownbrush Flawless Face Blender is the perfect sponge applicator that will help achieve a flawless, professional finish to any make-up design. My Flawless Face Blender is a must in my make-up kit. I actually can’t imagine not using it now. The specially designed shape makes make-up application flawless by allowing you to effortlessly apply in hard-to-reach areas of the face, It’s soft texture is smooth to the touch and its unique corves fit every contour of the face flawless natural. The Flawless Face Blender is latex-free, non-allergenic and odor free. If you dampen the sponge with warm water, it expands to twice its size and gets even softer which makes for a flawless foundation application.  Because of its double pointed tips, you can easily get under the eyes and around the nose to blend.  I have to honestly say this is the most ingenious makeup tool out there and is only £9.99! 

How to use:

The sponge works best damp. Always dampen the sponge before use.  Take the sponge and soak it in water.  The sponge expands to nearly double its volume.  Squeeze out all the water, and use the damp sponge to apply the makeup.
To apply simply use a stippling/bouncing motion to apply the makeup, so there is no need to drag or apply in a rubbing method. Just pick up some product with the sponge, and use a bouncing motion to apply the product on to the skin.  You can also roll the sponge in a side-to-side manner to blend the product.

Another way I use my Flawless Face blender is to smoothen out foundation application after I buff into the skin with my C404 Small Duo Face brush. It finishes off the make-up application making it streak free giving a flawless airbrushed look. It’s also great for softening and blending out a smoky eye with access foundation still on the sponge.

Quick Instagram Video on foundation application

 Washing the Flawless Face Blender:

I clean the sponge immediately after use.  I dampen the sponge, and apply fairy liquid onto the sponge and use my fingers to wash off any product residue, taking care not to get my nails on the sponge or to squeeze too hard it breaks. So be gentle when washing it. Squeeze out all excess water after washing the sponge and leave it in the holder to dry.
The Flawless Face Blender can be purchased online 

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