Friday, 14 June 2013

Disposables for Make-up Application

When working with SAFE BEAUTY Crownbrush disposable makeup brushes are a must! Crownbrush Disposbale range comes in disposable mascara wands, lip gloss applicator, lip brushes, high quality foam eye shadow applicators, blusher applictors, lash & brow groomers & Non Latex sponges. It's not great to be throwing something away after one use, but it's all about balance and as a professional makeup artist, you have a responsibility to practise SAFE BEAUTY and that means respecting your client's health and this is where Disposables come in handy.

Top tips for Safe beauty and using Crownbrush Disposables…

Apply Makeup From a Palette, Not Directly from the Product

DS15 Slant Tip Spatula-£1.10 for a Pack of 25

Product should not be applied directly to the client from a lipstick tube, mascara tube or other makeup containers. A good makeup artist will scoop out makeup and other product with a Crownbrush sterilized spatula, brush or other tool and place the product onto a clean palette  (Some makeup artists place product on their wrists—check to make sure this area has been disinfected with a wipe).

Avoid Double Dipping

When applying makeup, the makeup artist should not dip the mascara wand, lip stick wand or brush, or eye liner back into the product (unless the product has been placed onto a palette, etc.) Referred to as double dipping, this practice can contaminate the product.

Avoid Unsanitary Habits

DS19 Disposable Blush- £3.30 for a pack of 25. 

The makeup artist should never blow onto product (like eye shadow powder, etc.) or brushes to remove excess product. A makeup artist will tap off excess powder or use cotton balls, pads or tissue to wipe off excess. The makeup artist also should not use saliva (like wetting fingertips with her tongue to remove a makeup blunder.) This should be done with makeup remover.

Avoid Sharing of Makeup

DS10 Flocked Foam- £2.20 for a Pack of 25 

A makeup artist will avoid cross contamination of makeup tools and products (which includes not sharing with other makeup artists or at least making sure those artists practice good hygiene.)

Check out the full range of Crownbrush Disposables >here< 



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