Thursday, 2 May 2013

Become our Affiliate at Crownbrush!

We are delighted to have our brand new Affiliate programme up and running this week where we are looking for First Class, Beauty, Fashion Orientated websites and blogs to join our affiliate programme! The Crownbrush affiliate programme is a great way to make extra income from your website, Your Social Network or Your Friends. All you have to do is either place a Crownbrush image Banner or a Crownbrush Textual link in front of your audience and when a visitor clicks through and makes a purchase you get paid your commission! Yes that simple.

How Affiliate Advertising Can Help You Earn Money from Your Blog?

Affiliate marketing is a strategy where affiliates promote their merchant’s products through their own devices and receive money from every sale made. The three most common payment arrangements are: pay-per-sale, payper-lead, and pay-per-click. The Crownbrush affiliate works when a customer enters the Crownbrush site using your affiliate link, you will then earn commission on the first order that they place. You can see how much commission you have earned under the 'Commission' tab in your account, once you are signed up and have been approved. Please note that you will only be able to request a withdrawal if your balance goes over £25 or more, so the more people clicking your links and you blogging about Crownbrush products the more money you are going to make ;)

Once you have been accepted into the affiliate program, you will receive a unique affiliate link that corresponds to the Crownbrush website. This affiliate link is very important, as it is the only way to track a sale made through your efforts. When you post your link in a YouTube video, blog post, tweet, etc anyone who clicks on it will be re-directed to the Crownbrush website. From there, if the viewer decides to purchase a product, you will receive 10% commission from the order they place. The amount of commission made solely depends on the affiliate and how they choose to promote Crownbrush and its products. Whether it is through a banner advertisement, product review, or giveaway, it is up to the affiliate to decide which marketing strategy works best for their viewers.

Affiliate marketing is a great tool for bloggers and YouTubers to use and is very easy and flexible to work with. There are no requirements or restrictions about how often or how much you talk about Crownbrush, but generally you will earn more income from the program the more you promote it.

 Many bloggers are eager to find revenue streams to help monetize their blogs. Once your blog is established and receiving some traffic, you may want to begin researching affiliate programs that could allow your blog to put money in your pocket so this program with Crown is perfect if this is something you are looking to do on your blog.
To find out more information on the programme and more questions answered for you click >here<

Take some time to research each way you want to work this affiliate with Crownbrush and if it’s something for you and your blog then you can sign up here today:



  1. hey! i'm from Malta. Can I still do this?

  2. Hi, i'm blogger of Testare e Valutare.
    I am interested to test your products to review them in my blog. Appearance answers! Xxoxoxo!

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