Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Crownbrush 514 Deluxe Italian Badger Set

 This is one of Crown brushes top selling make-up brush sets so I was excited to experiment with the brushes as I have never used brushes made from badger hair before. I was intrigued to see the quality of the hair and how it works with make-up in different forms, I was super impressed so I wanted to share with you all the uses of each brush from the set on today's blog post. 

The Deluxe Italian Badger Set is an excellent combination of brush sizes and hair densities to achieve different makeup finishes made from the finest quality badger hair which is softer than sable hair and all the brushes are finished with Mahogany wood handles!  

There are 10 brushes in the set which are ideal for professional makeup application and an easier application of powders to the Face and Eyes. 

Deluxe Italian Badger Set Uses

Flat Top:

A Flat top brush/Buffing brush is easy to use and easily blending in powders, and applying bronzer. The durable, dense bristles offer great control and a full coverage application.

Chisel Powder:
 A chisel deluxe powder brush which is perfect for applying mineral, loose powder. If you used a puff to apply your powder, use this brush to sweep away any excess. 

Angled Blush:

I love to use an angled blusher brush to accentuate bone structures. Being a natural haired brush it's ideal for adding a healthy glow to cheeks, by applying a sweep of powdered blush or bronzer on the natural contours on the cheeks. 

Oval Foundation: 

An oval foundation brush made out of Taklon Synthetic hair. It's perfect for creating different coverage levels you desire, from light to full. The brush can be used wet or dry, to create a flawless foundation with liquids and creams. 

Oval Eyeshadow: 

This is a large eye shadow with soft, rounded Italian Badger bristles. This brush allows you to apply shadow from eyelid to brown bone with ease. 

Dome Crease:

 The brush being shaped into a dome shape is designed to draw more shadow onto the brush, allowing you to ideally smudge and blend product in order to create intense effects, including the ever-popular smoky eye.

Brow/Lash Groomer: 

This is an essential in my make-up kit and is designed for defined, separated lashes and beautiful groomed brows!


A spoolie brush is designed for your lashes and brows. The full head tapers to a point for easy use on any length or lash thickness.

Dense Angled:

An angled Taklon synthetic brush has so many uses! Lining, shading, or shaping the eye or eyebrow is effortless with this brush. The firm, angled synthetic bristles are ideal for applying liquid, cream, or powder based products to give you an optimal effect.

Oval Synthetic:
The soft flat yet firm synthetic bristles are specifically designed to line, contour, and blend with ease. The size of the tapered tip is ideal for reaching smaller areas and smudging liquid and cream based products.

The 514 Deluxe Badger set is available on www.crownbrush.co.uk for £54.99

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