Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sugar Skull Make-up Tutorial by Annabella Lingis

When  instagrammed me one of her face painting designs I seriously was blown away and started to follow Anna's work straight away! Anna's detail she creates with a brush and paint is just so stunninng and so detailed and keeps me coming back for more and encourages me to play with my Crownbrushes! 

Some of Anna's Paint Work:

Annabella is Self-taught Face painter Qualified Make up Artist based in London as well as Anna draws and paints which is clearly shown in her face painting work. 

I am always inspired by her work so I asked Anna to create an exclusive look for the Crownbrush blog this week to inspire you all and encourage you to experiment with something different too.

Sugar Skull Tutorial by Annabelle 

Products Anna Used:

Crownbrush Basic Brushes  
Diamond Fx Face Paints 

Check out Anna's Quick Vine Video of her creating this Sugar Skull look:

This Sugar Skull make-up look is beautiful Anna. Thanks so much for taking part in this week's feature blog!  Will you be giving this look a go?

Where to follow Annabella:



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