Monday, 13 May 2013

Ombre Pink Lip Art Tutorial

Ombre seems to still be the beauty buzz word for this season and it looks like it’s here to stay! It refers to the process where two colours blend into one another creating a gradient effect and it looks a massive trend for Spring/Summer still so when I was thinking of creating looks to inspire you all I couldn’t help but resist and create this lip art look for you all to follow and be inspired by.

I opted for a bright fuchsia mixed with a white!

Step 1:
Make sure lips are exfoliated first and place a touch of primer or light base colour to keep the lip design in place longer using the Crownbrush Foundation/Camouflage Corrector palette 

Step 2:

Start by lining the lips with the C160 1/8 Angle liner brush picking up a fuchsia pink. I used my Face paints mixing in the with the brightest pink lipstick from the Crownbrush 32 Lip Palette It has a gorgeous creamy texture which makes the face paint and lipstick blend together beautifully.

Step 3:

Now add a dash of white cream to the fuller part of the lip,I used the lightest shade from the Crownbrush Foundation/Camouflage Corrector palette  .You then can take your finger and soften and blend the pink and white colours together for a gradient effect.

Step 4:
For a Matte effect taking the brightest pink matte eyeshadow shade from the Crownbrush Smoke It Out Palette I then carefully set the outer pink lined area only 
with C416 Sable Lip brush!! Finally taking C123 Mini Chisel
 brush using the white matte eyeshadow from the Smoke It Out Palette and apply to the fuller part of the lip area
This is optional but you can also layer on a clear gloss to make the lip effect pop more! I think I prefer it matte. Which look do you prefer?

Remember, go for bold block colours and get creative!


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  1. Wow beautiful!
    Megan xx