Monday, 27 May 2013

Italian Make-up Artist TheEmanueleCastelli Amazing Exclusive Eye Make-up Tutorial for Crownbrush!

I came across Italian Youtuber/Make-up Artist Emanuele Castelli and instantly fell in love with his beautiful eye design tutorials he creates on his channel where he uses affordable make-up products and brushes. Emanuele also has a love of using Crownbrush too so I couldn’t miss this opportunity to feature him on our blog this week.

Emanuele is a 24year old YouTube "make up guru" from Como in Italy with 4 years industry experience being self-taught within make-up creating wonderful creative make-up designs that always makes you look again and inspires so many.  

For our Italian make-up artists, beauty bloggers and fans out there check out his work on his YouTube channel here:

Arabic Eyes with Crownbrushes...

A massive thanks to Emanuele for create an exclusive Crownbrush make-up look tutorial to inspire all our Crownbrush fans!

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