Sunday, 21 April 2013

Karla Powell Interviews Beauty Blogger Lily Pebbles from 'What I Heart Today'

I am really excited about this week’s interview on one of my favourite Beauty & V-Bloggers Lily Pebbles from 'What I Heart Today', who is a UK-based fashion and beauty blogger that I visit regularly as well as her Youtube channel which is growing in views and subscribers daily.

Has your blog proved useful career wise?

My blog is a huge part of my career. I started it at Uni and then used it in interviews as an example of my passion and hard work. It helped me get some of my best jobs and now I'm actually blogging full time, so it's definitely proved useful!

How were you inspired to start your own YouTube channel and Beauty Blog?

As I said I started my blog at Uni as part of my Marketing course but I'd been reading blogs for years and wanted to start my own anyway. I love being creative and having my own space so this is what kept me going through the early days when I had no one reading it! I started my YouTube channel a couple of years later as there was so much to talk about I couldn't get it all down on text and just wanted to chat about it.

What is your desert island beauty product?

I find this such a hard question to answer! I think it would have to be Pommade Divine (available from Cult Beauty) which is like a multi purpose balm. It's amazing as a lip balm but also works great or burns, dry skin, scars... it's just an good all-rounder!

What has been the most rewarding experience since starting your blog and channel?
Lily's Blog Post on Crown brushes >here< 

This is going to sound super cheesy but last week a girl came up to me and Anna (ViviannaDoesMakeup) and just made our day. She told us she's a teacher and that her sixth form students love reading our blogs and watching our videos. She went on to tell us what good role models she thinks we are and how good it is that these young girls have us to look up to. I don't often think too much about individuals who might read my blog but this chat literally blew me away and made me realise how positive blogging is.

Do you have a signature make-up look? If so, what is it, if not do you prefer to change your look regularly?

My everyday makeup look is dewy skin, a bit of bronzer, a peachy/pink blush, bronze eyes with black mascara and a tinted lip balm. Pretty basic but works great for me.
QWhat exciting things do you have lined up this year?
Things kind of just pop up unexpectantly so for now I'm just focusing on creating so good and engaging content on both my blog and YouTube and hopefully my readers and viewers will enjoy it!

A huge thank you to Lily for answering all the above questions. Here at Crownbrush HQ we heart Lily!

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