Friday, 12 April 2013

NEW Pink Patent Brush Belt & Pro Clear Shoulder Bag with Tissue Holder GIVEAWAY

I has these amazing NEW products land on my desk last week! Anything NEW and useful for my make-up kit always excites me, especially knowing that our Crownbrush fans will love these products too, so revealing them today is so exciting and to top it all off we are doing a GIVEAWAY to win both NEW products!

A8 Pink Patent Leather Apron

The Crownbrush baby pink professional makeup brush belt is  designed for easy storage and organisation of all your Crown brushes and contains a variety of pocket sizes that can hold up to 50+ brushes!  This can also be converted into a brush roll to protect brushes between uses. It features an adjustable strap. Made of synthetic material stretching to 44 inches around your waist. 

For a professional makeup artist it is extremely important to show up to a makeup job of any kind with a clean makeup kit.  This would include your makeup case, product containers, makeup palettes, and your makeup brushes of course . However, it seems that one popular tool holder like your Makeup Brush Belt, sometimes doesn’t look as clean even after it’s been wiped down. I’ve been on many jobs where I’ve wiped down my belt and it looked aged, just not attractive at all. So the NEW Crownbrush Pink Patent leather apron is a better investment, and will last longer. It is easily cleaned down by making sure you remove all makeup brushes from brush belt, and pouring using your Crownbrush Make-up Brushcleaner!

How to clean your Pink Patent Apron:

*Spray brush belt & wipe off all product from brush belt, and any visible smudges.
*Make sure to get in between all sewed areas, and brush pockets.
To restore shine Precleanse or any cleansing oils work just as great.

The A1 Pink Patent Leather Apron is now online to buy ! £24.99. 

Pro Clear Shoulder bag with Tissue Holder -£24.99

This NEW Set bag is pretty amazing and I have been loving using it this week on my make-up jobs. It's a high quality Shoulder Clear PVC Bag made for professionals in mind which is suitable for carrying make up equipment on set. Made from a heavy duty clear PVC which is durable, strong and waterproof with a Zipped main compartment for separating all your make up & equipment. The outer zipped pocket is a tissue holder/dispenser with an easy access slot- genius idea in my eyes- I always forget tissues on jobs! 

The thick strap is adjustable and extends up to 120cm long.
The bag measures 25.5cm x high 35cm long.

Your portable makeup bags and organisers should be trustworthy travel companion so do stay on top of your game by avoiding any mishaps and unpleasant discoveries. 

The Shoulder bag is now online to buy ! £24.99. 


A top tip when receiving your BRAND NEW Pro clear bag is to place it over your radiator (not for too long or too hot) . I find sometimes the PVC is very stuff when new, so this loosens the bag up making it easier to place your make-up kit into the compartments.


GIVEAWAY Competition:

To enter our GIVEAWAY to WIN both NEW Crownbrush products simple follow us on our blog and comment below why winning these items will help you when working on set.  Open in Europe only. Competition closes on the 18th April 2013.Winner announced on the 20thApril  2013.




  1. eneter me please
    fb: Milù Bijoux
    gfc: milubijoux1974

  2. Ahh this apron! It's so pretty! I can just imagine myself turning up to a shoot wearing this with all my brushes there and ready to hand!

    The shoulder bag would be perfect for keeping those shoot essentials ready to run in between shots for touch-ups!

    This giveaway is just perfect!

  3. Another great giveaway!! I'd love to win, the pink apron has alot of slots and definately stands out, its very easy to clean unlike harder materials, and the shoulder bag looks so convenient to work with, especially the tissue holder! x

  4. Hi Crown brushes :)

    Im a huge huge fan of your brushes, would love to own some but unfortunately I am low on cash. I am recently qualified as a make up artist and slowly but surely I am building up my kit both with product and brushes, this is taking time. I am off to pursue my career as a professional make up artist ad every little bit of help and encouragement I can get is fab ! Winning the competiton would coulndn't come at a better time as I just lost my job in a clothes store that was helping me buy all the lovely beauty products I need. Your products are not only pretty but they are long lasting, durable and help me do a stand up job when applying make up, the belt on the other hand would just top off my pink personality being bubbly and fun. I hope my post has been a nice read and I will keep my fingers crossed :) <3 Lee !

  5. I'd love to win these! They would be so perfect for outdoor shoots aswell especially the bag for carrying all essentials for touch ups!x

  6. I'm not a professional make up artist but I love everything about beauty and having this set would be the ultimate dream as it has everything a girl needs. If I did win this I would use it not only on myself but on my friends so we can all look flawless wherever we go.

  7. With such an eye catching make up apron, and storage bag, I would be very proud to turn up to any job and look very professional. Ready to face the world and enjoy each challenge sent my way!

  8. Oh I just love love love this pink brush apron!! Sounds and looks just perfect for artists and especially as it cleans so easy ready for the next job! Pink and once clean it will sparkle away ready to catch eyes again! Also this carry bag is another amazing idea perfect to store those on the job essentials and to be so organised! I would love to win the new items so I can be one step closer to being so organised on jobs!

  9. I would love to win this makeup Apron as the colour is so me. My logo has that exact pink in it and would suit my whole branding. Also. I love the idea that is is so easy to keep clean. And will took more professional for longer.

    I have been looking for a set bag for ages and your one looks perfect. For holding tissues with easy access. And easy to store products needed at a shoot or on set as at the moment im struggling to get something so suitable.

    I'd love to win both these products as I have gathered quite an amount of crown brushes from the beauty show's over the years and a matching brand belt and bag would be great.

  10. It is sooo pretty, super efficient and easy to clean. What more could a girl want <3

  11. I would love to win these as I'm qualifying from my make up degree in June and these would be perfect to help kick start my career!
    This apron would be amazing to allow me to keep all my brushes easily accessible when working on set. My current apron can barely hold ten brushes and I've been after a replacement for ages, this would be perfect! The tissue holder on the shoulder bag is genius! Perfect to run in and touch up between shooting!

  12. I would look the Pro, with this kit

  13. Following!I would love to win as where better to put my crown brushes than in their very own specifically designed brush belt and holder? Also the set bag would be perfect for me as I always pack my tissues in my kit bag and the box always gets absolutely destroyed with other products on top of it and half my tissues go in the bin! Have a lovely day :) x

  14. One of the things on my 'to do' list is to work neater and more efficient. The shoulder bag would help me tremendously on site! As for the brush belt: to be able to keep it clean is such a big plus! It looks much more professional, and pink is my favourite colour :)

  15. For me is very important to win it, because i'm a sort of "make up artist" for all my friend and family XD I love to experience new techniques of make up and to use new colour !!!!! overall i love this beautiful bag !!!! XD is pink and i love this colour !!!! :D

    enter me please
    fb: vanessa gliosca
    gfc: vanilla90

  16. Hello!

    Loving these new products! I have a brush roll but get frustrated when my crown brushes don't fit in! Having the brush belt would help me immensely! More space for brushes plus recently I've been overlooking a team of makeup artists and I keep having to run back to my kit to grab brushes! Would save precious time if they were already on me!

    As for the PVC bag this would be AMAZING for my disposables which always have to be squeezed and squashed into my train case- some extra space that looks sleek, professional and is durable and easy to clean would be heaven. And I'd have no excuse for forgetting tissues!!

    So much love for Crown Brush! Keep up the great work!

    1. Congratulations Naomi for winning this competition. Please email me

  17. Because i really want to win it. It would make my working life so comfortable and easychilly :-)

  18. I need that pink brush belt in my life its UNREAL!!!! XXX♥♥

  19. I only started using Crown brushes recently, but I'm totally sold on 'em!! I am absolutely LOVING the new synthetic Infinity brushes & collecting the whole collection, bit by bit.

    I just got booked for my first ever photoshoot and winning your amazo new brushbelt & bag would mean I have something to keep my lovely Crown brushes in and that I could turn up to the set looking super-professional, rather than the self-taught blogger that I am haha!

    Much love xXx

  20. I think this would benefit me when working on new makeup jobs I love crownbrush so much thanks xx

  21. At 28 i finally know my true passion.... Make-up!
    Ive have wanted to be a make up artist for as long as i remember but never had the chance where i live.
    Ive finally saved up enough to do a make up course with Illamasqua in london taking me right out of my comfort zone.
    I know i have the motavation to suceed and slowly but surely building up my make up kit, these would be a great start/addition.

    Fingers crossed for everyone and good luck xxx

  22. I often do makeup for friends and family and this would make me feel more professional!
    Would love to win this!

  23. I would love to win these as my own brush belt has just broken (sob!) so Im on the hunt for a new one I Can clean and wipe down.

    Thanks !X

  24. woww!! Italian I'm a fan!
    fb/gfc: margherita lilli

  25. Hi Karla,
    I'd love to win them. Who wouldn't ;-) It'll make work a lot easier while standing and having a brush belt, it'll keep my hands free and in the clear bag I'll be able to see very quick what I need (in stead of searching over and over...).
    gr. Gonny

  26. Winning these will help me because I'm going to a make up course and I'm looking for a brush belt, and this is great an different!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  27. It'll be nice to have my brushes on me instead of having to keep reaching over to my counter and easy to keep clean as well.

  28. I would be sooo thankful if I won this amazing giveaway. I have a competition coming up mua of the year award(babtac finalist) and these would both be ideal to use for the live catwalk. I would be able to look my best,trendy and fashionable wearing this gorgeous pink brush belt, and look professional with the set bag!!Life's boring without a bit of PINK!! xxx

  29. Mememememe my black tool belt has just totally been usurped. I am so in love with pretty in pink and it would look so lovely with my pink make up box. I saw a similar clear tool bag recently and thought I've got to get me one of those, so practical for travelling out to my brides. Me in love.

  30. I need this in my life! This would make my life and work a whole lot easier, not to mention that bad back I've been struggling with because I pack too much stuff into my kit.

    Well done Crown :)

  31. gfc: Elena

    I would love to win this prize because I absolutely love makeup and I would need it whenever I go to different jobs. :)And I love your products too !! :)


  32. Oh wow I need this in my life. I'm 41 and have come out of working in a HR Dept and entered the beauty world. I have just done a make up course and starting my Level 3 in June, it's costing me a small fortune to build a kit up, but I know I have chosen the right profession and I'm loving it :)
    This brush belt would be the cherry on the icing ( on the cake ) and save my dear fiance some pennies to treat himself or the kids ( we've 5 of them ) xxx

  33. Hey!
    Thank you for the awsome giveaway!! I'm a makeup artist and yet i have no belt for my brushes, I would look sooo professional with it :) And I also love the clear bag, i will store there my essential makeup products!


  34. I've been working as a freelance make-up artist for about 8 months now and although I'm now quite happy that I have a well rounded kit, I'm still not happy with how I take essentials to set. I bought a brush belt but its too big and falls down (a little embarassing!); and I'm now on my second set bag but its still not quite right for me. I would be so grateful to win this amazing giveaway. Pretty please pick me! Xx

  35. To the lovely people at Crown Brush HQ, you sure do spoil us all rotten :P
    Your giveaways seem to get better and better and of course, I just HAD to enter!

    How will these two help me? well the answers simple!

    Pink patent apron- As a MUA you want to stand out as the competition is so fierce and be recognised so wearing this pink apron will do just that, makes a nice change from boring old black. the fact that its patent means that it just needs a simple wipe to keep it tidy, no one wants an mua to turn up to a job with a messy kit and a dirty apron belt.

    Pro cler shoulder bag- Well this is definately a must for any mua or beauty fanatic! what a genious idea. organisation, efficiency and being tidy is a must for any mua. the fact that you are able to see your products is great so youre not faffing around on a booking trying to find stuff. there are also times like on shoots where you need to work fast under pressure. The fact that is has shoulder straps means its perfect for touch ups during shoots etc and what a brilliant way to remember taking tissues! You never know just when you may need them, to wipe off any errors or your client may cry after seeing what an amazing job you did on them! :-)

    Being a successful makeup artrist is not just about being able to paint faces, its also about being efficient, organised and tidy. :-)

    Good luck all, I for sure will be keeping everything crossed! xxx

    Great products crownbrush! Ill definately remember I saw it here first!

  36. I was first introduced to crown brushes on an advanced make up course - i visited your stand at Olympia and bought a few of the brushes and Ive never looked back and wont buy any other type - they area absolutely brilliant and very good value for money. i would love to win a full set of your brushes and absolutely love the holdall for using daily when out and about.

  37. I was first introduced to crown brushes on an advanced make up course - i visited your stand at Olympia and bought a few of the brushes and Ive never looked back and wont buy any other type - they area absolutely brilliant and very good value for money. i would love to win a full set of your brushes and absolutely love the holdall for using daily when out and about.

  38. Oh my lord. I have been lusting after crown set bag since seeing it in use on set. I have been using a souped up messenger bag, which while effective, is not crown! I love crown products! My brushes deserve a better house then my current set up! :)

  39. Oh wow, how can winning these NOT help me on set?!

    The tissue dispenser feature on the Pro Clear Shoulder Bag is a fantastic design that I just haven't seen anywhere else; it will help keep me from grubbing up my product containers/tools as I could quickly and easily nab a tissue and get clean hands in no time. The bag I carry at the moment also isn't very suitable, so if I won this bag I'm betting it's going to be a LOT easier on my shoulders.

    As for the brush apron... what a way to stand out! I love how you say it's easily cleanable - the apron I have now has the problem that you described where every time I wipe it down it just looks grubby instead of clean. So in that regard, it will help keep my brushes the absolute cleanest and most hygienic they can be!

    ...Sorry that got so long! I just really love the look of these products :) Would be an absolute dream to win.

  40. Absolutely in Love with pink brush holder which would be a great addition to my massive brush collection that never fit one pouch :)

    Brush cleaner is absolute must have for every make up artist which is so useful on any set. I regularly use Crownbrush one, but it is nearly finished so a new one would be a great addition to my kit.

    And a set bag is something i always dreamed about but never actually managed to get. I usually run on a set with handful of make up products that end up all over the place if i have few models at once :) would be so good to finally have one :)

    Good luck to everyone :)


  41. hello would be a real pleasure to use this bag and belt
    thanks for Qusta possibility
    good evening

  42. I would love to have these brushes to do mine and my daughter's make-up and the apron would be great to keep all these great brushes neat and tidy' so that I can find the one I want to use without searching to long x

  43. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect colour, perfect size and perfectly made for my work! My website is back and pink.... how good will this look when I'm working on set?!

  44. Hi there!
    I would absolutely looooooove to win this set because i'm an aspiring makeup artist who's in desperate need of new brushes, and this set is just perfect, like i'm drooling in front of my computer.

  45. Would love this because i previously had a brush belt but after having used it for a long time it is now broken and it really does help when your on set/photoshoot. Yano your brushes are tidy and there ready to use theres no fuss or hassle also the bag is clear and if your in a hurry to find something you dont have to dig deep to find it. Easy to clean aswell. Xx

  46. GFC:Brigette
    I would love to win these brushes,because it's make my working life so easy :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. I am recently following my dream of becoming a pro makeup artist, after 7 long years of working and then becoming pregnant and havin my baby I have never had the chance to chase my dream now I am more than determined to get myself there.mthese two items would be the perfect way for me to build my kit in and also look professional yet chic. I love how the brush belt is wipeable and becomes a brush roll. Can I say how much u inspire me Karla I love the tips you share and your interaction you always answer any jest ions I have keep up the hardwork both crown brush and Karla.

    I already follow via GFC (aqeela Mariyam)
    Twitter: Aqeela_k

    Good luck everyone xx

  48. Wow! These prizes are amazing. They would help me immensely as I'm about to start training as a Make Up Artist and having these kits and tools would be a great asset & to know I was working with such a high quality brand :)

  49. Wow! I love the prizes! really awesome! Those brushes would help me because I want to start my new career as a Make up artist and those brushes would be very helpful! Thank you :)


  50. Amazing!
    I just added you to my FB and twitter following (:

  51. Winning these items would help me in my studies, I'm a image making student at the moment and will be for the next 2 years at UnaStyle school (Latvia) and often we are working as interns in places which involve lot of stress (media and concerts) and sorting stuff out before work has started is very important, so nothing gets lost and all is at hand all the time!

  52. Congratulations to Naomi Lake for winning this competitiom :)