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Karla Powell Interviews Beauty Blogger & Make-up Artist Zoe Newlove!

I am really excited to introduce a new regular feature I will be doing on Crownbrush’ blog, interviewing some of my favourite Crownbrush fans, beauty bloggers, make-up artists and beauty gurus in the industry that I am inspired by daily. This week’s interview is with beauty blogger/make-up artist Zoe Newlove who is a huge Crownbrush fan!
Zoe's Beauty Blog:

 Addicted to beauty products 23 year old Beauty Blogger & Make-up Artist Zoe Newlove answers a few questions on all things beauty related, her love for Crownbrush and some of her top tips for aspiring make-up artists trying to break into the industry

Tell us a little bit about your make-up/ blog style?

I would say I don't really have a blog "style" as such, I just try to be as informal as possible and always be honest. I like to be real with my readers, I won't fluff up or airbrush a product if I don't believe in it. I hope my personality comes through in my writing so that my readers can really connect with my blog. As for my make-up work, again I don't have a set style. I don't think I am quite "there" yet. I tend to do a lot of glamour make-up, but I also do a lot of bridal/special occasion make-up so they are two totally different styles of make-up. I still have a long way to go as a make-up artist and I am just enjoying being inspired, by pretty much everything! I love learning and I am learning every day.

When did you realise that you wanted to be a make-up artist and how did you get into make-up artistry?

It was my friends who first told me I would be good as a make-up artist, 6 years ago on my first girl's holiday to Zante. I used to do their make-up before we went on a night out. I never took it seriously until I joined a company called Space NK. I worked for this company for 4 years and had the pleasure of being trained by some amazing make-up brands and international make-up artists. I even had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Eldridge, one of my idols. This is where my passion truly began, so thankyou SpaceNK.

How has combining blogging and make-up artistry affected your career?
Check out Zoe's recent Crownbrush Infinity Series review on here blog >here<

I initially started my little blog just to record my ramblings on my favourite products, I soon realised I could use my blog to give myself more of a platform as a make-up artist - to help me get noticed. Combining the two gave me the confidence boost I really needed. The positive feedback I get for my make-up artistry through my blog has been amazing. I feel like I now have a purpose , and without my blog I think I would still have a lot of self doubt as a make-up artist. if that makes sense?   

What are your top three favourite beauty products you are using at the moment?

This question is mean. I am so indecisive.
I swear by Nude Skincare. I am still loving Nude Progenius Treatment Oil. I use it alone as a night oil, or mix it in with foundation to create a more dewy tinted moisturiser.  My second favourite beauty product would be my Arbonne Make-up Primer. It really is a great product. My third favourite beauty product has to be from Illamasqua. I am so not a nail varnish person, but I cannot get enough of their Speckled Nail varnish! It is so pretty.

What are your top three Crownbrush products you are loving using at the moment and why?

The first one has to be the C454 Angle Contouring brush from the Infinity Collection. I love contouring my nose and this is the PERFECT brush for it. The entire range is just awesome but this particular brush is my favourite.  The second product I am loving has to be the Smoke It Out Palette, I have literally used this on every shoot. The eyeshadows are just so great to work with, you can create countless looks just from one palette.  Last but not least, the 613 7PC HD brush set still is, and always will be, in my Top Three. It was the first brush set I bought from Crownbrush thanks to reading your (Karla) review on them, it was how I heard of Crownbrush in the first place. They are brilliant brushes and it is a great set for make-up artists looking to build up their kit.

Do you have any advice for aspiring MUAs?

 Believe in yourself! In this industry, with it being so saturated with make-up artists it is so difficult to make yourself stand out from the crowd. You really need to believe in yourself and remain passionate. Don't be afraid to be creative. Finally, do not expect this to be the glamorous job you initially think it to be. There will be times you have no work to working ridiculously long hours and having to work for free. If you stick at it long enough, all your hard work will pay off in the end.  It did for me, I really feel like I have the best job in the world!

Which make-up artists inspire you?
Lan Nguyen-Grealis

Kevyn Aucoin. Laura Mercier. Lisa Eldridge. Charlotte Tilbury. Mary Greenwell. Aly Hazelwood. Lan Nguyen-Grealis. And of course yourself, Karla Powell.
You really do inspire me Karla, and what is most inspirational is how you inspire so, so many other aspiring make-up artists.

A huge thank you to Zoe Newlove for answering all the above questions. Here at Crownbrush HQ we love Zoe!

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Look out for more interviews. I have some amazing inspiring beauty gurus coming up!


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