Friday, 2 August 2013

What Every Make-up Artist Needs...

My Recommended Tools & Accessories Essentials from Crownbrush

Whether you want your own personal kit or plan to work as a professional makeup artist, taking the time to plan and assemble a kit can be lots of planning and can sometimes be expensive. If it's for personal use then only your favourite items are needed but if this is to be used for clients and make-up jobs then the kit will require a selection of various tools, disposables and storage.

Be Organised!
A professional box is made with of the strength of high quality luggage to house the collection which can end up weighing quite a bit. Choosing which type of makeup box/bags and even a make-up trolley case. It’s all a matter of preference and convenience, as long as it keeps you’re tools, products organised you can’t go wrong.

Here are essentials I love to use from Crownbrush to keep my tools and make-up kit organised:

Always keep your stock fresh and organised for make-up jobs and keep on learning. How do you keep your make-up kit oragnised?



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