Tuesday, 13 August 2013

1 EYELINER and 3 LOOKS with 3 Crownbrushes!

Talk about a multitasking makeup look- One eyeliner can provide up to five or more very different looks for your eyes. 
 Lining your eyes places emphasis on one of your most beautiful features and can provide a touch of needed polish on a day when you are truly short on time. Eyeliner also serves as important part of an evening makeup look, and you can spice things up by layering on sultry shades to achieve the smoky eye that you see on the red carpet and in magazines. 

By providing infinite eye looks, eyeliner is a must have for your makeup kit!


Eyeliner comes in several forms, including liquid with a brush or in a felt tip pen type applicator. Eyeliner pencils, sometimes known as kohl eyeliners, are just that. Pencils that can be self-sharpening or have a sponge tip for smudging on the opposite end of the pencil. Some powder eye shadows can function as liner when used with a wet eyeliner brush.

Personally, I find using make-up brushes easy to use , and they are also generally the best for contact lens wearers, as liquid liner can sometime flake and fall into your eyes and you have fully control how much product you apply on your brush to create your desired eyeliner design.

Here are three Crownbrushes I love to use when creating three of the most popular eyeliner looks:

Flat Line Definer

Designed with flawless liner application. The firm synthetic bristles are cut and placed in a perfect straight line. Capable of applying an ultra thin, or slightly smudged smoky line along the lash line. This brush works well with both cream and powder liners or for smudging pencils into the lash line.

Taklon Angle Liner

A multi-use brush! It’s designed for looks that are focused around the lashes, because the angle part helps you draw a precise line. So it’s not only perfect for applying gel eyeliner but also for the darkest shade of your smoky eye. I also love it for delivering a concentrated hit of bright colour. 

Bent Liner

An angled eyeliner brush has been designed  for use with cream or gel eyeliners due to it's Synthetic Bristles with a tapered, super-fine tip that fits perfectly along the lash line, making it easy to draw a clean, crisp line with extreme precision. 

What brushes do you use when applying eyeliner?




  1. As a newly qualified trainee MUA I find doing flicks and cat eyes the hardest ... thanks for these different brush recommendations I'll be buying all 3 ... What actual black eyeliner (brand and type) do you recommend?

  2. For the unsteady hand, I often recommend the angle brush with a pencil-style liner, which can also be winged out. As long as the bristles are firm enough, you can load the bristles by brushing them back and forth along the side of the pencil point, creating a nice chisel point (softer pencils work best). Once applied, you can leave a-is or use as a guide to too with liquid eyeliner.

    This same loading technique is perfect if you want to create the illusion of thickness along the lash line without seeing an actual defined line. Just gently "scrub" the loaded bristles into the lashes.

    Great post!