Friday, 9 August 2013

Behind the scenes with Crownbrush & Karla Powell

I have been busy working on lot's of different make-up job lately and wanted to share some behind the scene pictures of me at work, including some of my favourite Crownbrush products I have been using a lot lately! 

Using my SS027 Syntho DLX Blending Crease

 Lucus Clothing Campaign-  Behind the scenes of me creating make-up & hair! I created a high fashion look with a fierce over contoured look on both the female and male model using my Crownbrush 10 Concealer palette and Brow palette! Yes brow & concealer palette to contour & highlight! The Concealer palette comes in a variety f tones to create a desired shadow when creating contouring on your models, and the Brow palette powder makes amazing soft application on top of the base creating an over contoured look all the way soft subtle look on the desired look you are trying to achieve.  I love to use my SS002 Deluxe Angle Foundation to able my contour shade and my SS013 Deluxe Angle Blush for powder contouring.

What do you use to Contour and Highlight with?

*Images took by Nicola Kirk 

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