Sunday, 18 August 2013

Blog Takeover … ‘Modern Marvels Bad Girl’ Tutorial by Make-up Artist Dehsarae Mahrae

I was on the hunt again on Instagram to find some NEW make-up talent and I came across Dehsarae work! What caught my eye is the fact that she turns herself into different characters with make-up and body paints. In fact designs that I have not seen other make-up artists do. I love how she takes inspiration from a picture and turns into a living canvas on herself.

Dehsarae Mahrae is a freelance & self-taught make-up artist, currently based in San Diego. Check out some of Dehsarae’s work:

For our blog takeover I asked Dehsarae to create an exclusive look for the Crownbrush blog this week to inspire you all and encourage you to experiment with paints and make-up! I love how she has turned herself into a Modern Marvel bad Girl character all inspired by the following picture...

Modern Marvel Bad Girl Tutorial:

Body paint:
1: Start with your outline using, a white eyeliner, I used NYX jumbo pencil in milk.
2: Using red & yellow face & body paint fill in the areas with the corresponding color. (Kryolan aquacolors)
3: Fill in the rest of the chest area with white face paint. (Kryolan aquacolors)
4: Lightly outline the yellow band with black face paint, you are going to re outline a bit darker in the few steps. (Kryolan aqua colors)
5: Using the same black paint complete the x detail in the red circle.
6: Use a black eyeshadow to darken the outline on the yellow band, (muadcosmetics loose pigment in flat black)
7: Finish by setting the white paint with either translucent powder or baby powder.

Face & Eyes:
1: Start with a clean face apply your favorite primer, here I also covered the ends of my eyebrows with Elmer's glue stick.
2: To darken my complexion I used IMAN cover clay medium in sand all over my face, to set the clay I used benefits hoola bronzer and a big fluffy brush.
3: Using a black face paint, I reshape my eyebrows for a straighter end and filled them in completely. (Kryolan aqua colors)
4: With the same black paint I created a cut crease following the same shape of my brow then lightly blended towards the eyebrow with black eyeshadow. (Kryolan aqua colors & muadcosmetics loose pigment in flat black)
5: Apply a white base all over the lid & set it a matte white eyeshadow. (Nyx Jumbo pencil in milk & Muadcosmetics loose pigment in angel baby)

6: Using any eyeliner of your choice, create a winged eyeliner, connecting to your lower lash line. (Nyx studio eyeliner in black) .
7: Smoke out the lower lash line with black eyeshadow. Also applied white dots & thunder bolts around eye area. (Muadcosmetics loose pigment in flat black & limecrime lunar sea eyeliner)
8: Apply dramatic lashes, black eyeliner in your waterline & red lipstick. ( Halloween lashes from party city, urban decay eyeliner in perversion & milani lipstick in high voltage)
9: Apply your Wig & your done! 

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Thanks to Dehsarae for this exclusive tutorial! I am so inspired. Are you?