Thursday, 21 November 2013

Creative Eye Make-up With Karla Powell

Nail, lip and eye wraps are the new way to adorn fingers, toes, lips and eyes. Forget nail polish, lipstick the best way to decorate your digits are by rocking some designer Rock Beauty products. I have been using Rock Beauty few a few years now so I was thrilled when I was booked to do the make-up for the NEW upcoming range using a mixture of my favourite Crown-brushes and products. See below some of the Crown-brush brushes and make-up I used to create the looks! 

Pastel Explosion 

Neon Pink Gloss 

Perfectly Pink 19 Oval Lip- £2.49

Blue Jeans

SS006 Deluxe Angle Liner-£2.39

Gold Smoke Leaf 



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