Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Be Inspired by Make-up Artist Jade Brady...

Manchester, UK based Make-up Artist Jade Brady who works in weddings, special occasions, photography, TV & film work and creates Asian bridal and special effects makeup caught my eye on our Instagram as well as Jade winning our #MakeupMonday recently. This seems to be my favourite place at the moment discovering different new artists!

What I loved about Jade’s work is that it’s different and unique. Jade is not scared about experimenting with texture colour and design when it comes to make-up. I asked Jade to take over our blog today and create an exclusive look to inspire you all to get creative with make-up.

Some of Jade’s Work:

Jade's Takeover Tutorial…

1. First I applied NYX jumbo pencil in milk all over the lid to act as a base for my eyeshadow.

2. Using the Crownbrush SS0111 Deluxe Oval Shadow brush 
I applied the dark purple from the Crownbrush Professional 88 (01) Palette just above the crease and blended, I also applied this colour on the outer V. 

3. I applied a bright pink from the Crownbrush Professional 88 (01) palette above the purple and blended into the eyebrow.

4. I applied a coral/orange colour from the same palette into the crease, and on the lower lash line.

5. I used a metallic gold eyeshadow and gold glitter on the lid, and decorated the outer area of the eye with random spots of glitter.

Follow Jade Brady:

A huge thanks to Jade for creating this fun look on this week's Crownbrush blog takeover.


Friday, 26 July 2013

516 Syntho Set

The 516 Syntho set is an excellent combination of brush sizes and hair densities to achieve different makeup finishes made from the finest 100% vegan synthetic bristles with a patent black wood handle that do not absorb any oils or products, they are completely hypoallergenic compared to natural hair brushes.

There are 10 brushes in the set which are ideal for professional makeup application using creams, powders and liquids.

Why use synthetic hair?

They are easier to clean
They repel bacteria better than animal hair.
Many people have allergies to animal hair brushes. 
Synthetic brushes work with both cream and powder products.

A miniature fan. Ideal for sweeping away any loose pigment under the eyes after creating a smoky eye effect. 

An angled 
synthetic brush has so many uses! Lining, shading, or shaping the eye or eyebrow is effortless with this brush. The firm, angled synthetic bristles are ideal for applying liquid, cream, or powder based products to give you an optimal effect.

A spoolie brush is designed for your lashes and brows. The full head tapers to a point for easy use on any length or lash thickness.

This is a large eye shadow with soft, rounded synthetic bristles. This brush allows you to apply shadow from eyelid to brown bone with ease. 

With its soft dome shape, this two-toned Syntho fibre brush provides a sheer, more controlled application of powder Eye Shadow which I love using to blend a smoky eye out or application of a darker shade into the crease line. 

Angled blusher brush to accentuate bone structures. Apply a sweep of powdered blush or bronzer on the natural contours on the cheeks. 

An oval foundation brush.  It's perfect for creating different coverage levels you desire, from light to full. The brush can be used wet or dry, to create a flawless foundation with liquids and creams. 

A Flat top brush/Buffing brush is easy to use and easily blending in powders , and applying bronzer. The durable, dense bristles offer great control and a full coverage application. I also love to use it to chisel around the jawline and under the cheekbones when contouring. 

To achieve an even, flawless finish with the Syntho Precision powder brush. This uniquely crafted brush offers soft, synthetic bristles to sweep mineral or pressed powder smoothly across the entire face. The tapered head allows you to reach all crevices of your face and highlight or contour as you wish.


The 516 Syntho Set Retails at £60.99 and is available online www.crownbrush.co.uk
Do you prefer Natural Hair or Synthetic when applying make-up? 


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Behind the Scenes in Paris with Brand Ambassador Karla Powell

Working away in Paris for Photographer for Luke Woodford's Abandoned Fashion Series which will be published in Razor Red Magazine soon, I had the chance to be as creative as I could be, which helps me produce some of my best and eye catching make-up work.

 Come and see what I got up to behind the scenes in Paris using a variety of Crownbrushes and products to get my desired look.

Behind The Scenes:

C160 1/16" - Taklon Angle Liner

PP11 Angle Taklon Liner

On Set:

C438 Pro Deluxe Liner

We had chance to then chill round the Eiffel Tower. We did get some funny look ;)... 

Keep a look out for the final pictures released in Razor Red Magazine soon.


All Crownbrush products can be purchased from www.crownbrush.co.uk



*Images by photographers Peter Alberti and Hannah Rose. 

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

10 Concealer Palette Review & Swatches

The Crownbrush 10 Concealer palette is perfect for Professional Salon, Weddings, Parties and Home use which blends away any dark circles, flaws or uneven areas with a soothing, creamy texture. 

The 10 pans come are a high quality ingredient which is long wear with different skin tone shades to create a variety looks including contouring and highlighting.
All makeup artists will benefit by having this in their kits due to its excellent quality. I also love how versatile and convenient it is to use when using synthetic brushes. It simply blends beautifully on the skin to create a desired shade if needed. 
 *Concealer brush is from the 620 Pink Faux Snake Skin Set

Uses of the Palette:
Covers Redness, Acne.
Hides Dark Shadows in the under-eye area

Camouflaging Tattoos & Scars
Contouring & Highlighting
Thicker Coverage Foundation

Row 1

Row 2

The palette retails at £16.99 and can be purchased on www.crownbrush.co.uk


Do you own the Crownbrush 10 Concealer Palette? If so what do you use it for?