Monday, 28 October 2013

Crownbrush Mineral Brush Range

Crownbrush do a stunning short handle range of Mineral brushes. There is nothing quite like these type of brushes – they are one of the best, in my opinion.

 They are made of wooden black handles with a silver ferrule and are the softest, densest, most luxurious bristles perfect for buffing and blending loose and pressed mineral powders.

The Mineral brush range currently have over 25 face brushes (for powder, concealer and blush) plus eye brushes (for eyeshadow, brows, liner), kabuki brushes and the retractable powder brush.

Each brush is expertly crafted which allows you to control how much product is applied. 

M16 Kabuki With Handle Only £7.89

M01 Chisel Blush Only £4.09

M12 Angle Blush Only £4.89

Achieving a smooth and flawless finish to your make-up looks with a unique Anti Bacterial technology that helps eliminates bacteria that can lead to irritation, various infections, and skin issues such as acne. The Anti Bacterial treatment protects each brush fibre from bacterial growth.

M07 Deluxe Crease Only £3.29

M06 Oval Sable Only £4.69

M13 Flat Crease Only £3.49

M05 Angle Brow Only £2.99

Check out the full Mineral Brush range on

Do you own any of the Crownbrush Mineral Brush range?


Thursday, 17 October 2013

15K Facebook Likes! YAY!

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Enjoy shopping Crownbrush fans! 


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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Gestural Abstraction Art Make-up Using Crownbrush

When I am feeling creative or preparing for a make-up job I love to get my Crown-brushes out and experiment with different make-up looks on myself. This look I created is called 'Gestural Abstraction'  It's a chance for me to show off the process of making art! Gestural Abstraction means you are demonstrating a variety of techniques that include dripping, dabbing, smearing, and even flinging paint on to the surface of the canvas (my face).

To create these techniques it all depends on actions directed by the artist (myself using my Crown-brushes) using a  sense of control interacting with chance or random occurrences better known as Action Painting! I used various techniques with my Duo Fibre brushes in different sizes, face paints and powder eyeshadows from the Smoke It Out palette and Professional 88 Palette (01) .Within this look it was all down to movement on how I was feeling, so therefore was not a planned look. This was all down to layering the makeup with several techniques. 

Do you ever create action painting when applying make-up on yourself or models?

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Friday, 11 October 2013

Crownbrush Make-up Artist Essentials GIVEAWAY

Crownbrush offers all the essentials for make-up artists helping with the importance of certain products and tools that are essential in every makeup artist’s kit! From organising and preparedness play an essential role in any job and also help to limit stress when working on jobs! 

The professional Mixing Tray is an essential tool for all makeup fans. This lightweight tray is made of metal and offers ten multiple sized wells.  The Mixing Tray is ideal for mixing and creating your own cream, liquid, or powder cosmetics and allows for you to use them directly from its surface, eliminating the mess. The lightweight and convenient size of the Mixing Trays allow them to be travel friendly, so you can create on-the-go. Only £4.00

The professional stainless steel mixing plate has smooth corners and is a perfect surface for mixing colours of cream based make-up. Use in conjunction with the Professional metal spatula and you'll be in mixing Heaven.Only £5.00

The last thing you want is to show up unprepared on a set. Makeup artists need to act quickly and efficiently and solve problems on the fly. The stainless steel bowls help you clean your make-up brushes on the go as well as mixing up liquids and powders to customise your own make-up colours. Only £4.00
Have you used any these make-up artist essentials before? If you can't wait to own these you can enter our GIVEAWAY today to WIN all the above. Simply Follow this blog on Blogger and comment below what WINNING these make-up artist essentials would do for your kit? The best answer will be picked midnight 17th October 2013 and the winner will be announced June 18th October 2013. Competition is open in Europe only.



Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Behind the scenes in Lille with brand ambassador Karla Powell

I had the chance to work away in Lille, France working alongside photographer Luke Woodford once again with an amazing creative team, shooting in beautiful abandoned location and chance to create autumn winter make-up look using some of my favourite Crownbrush products!

If you look from the outside in these behind the scene pictures you may think everyone is just hanging about doing very little. It appears this way because everyone on the set has to wait until someone else completes their task. For instance, lights need adjusting, props must be moved and even in this case we have to find the right suitable location when working in abandoned buildings. Each of these jobs take time, which is why when make-up artists work on set it's important that when you have a job to do, you do it immediately, so you don't keep others waiting any longer than they need to.

The entire team on a set work closely together and good teamwork is created by everyone being sympathetic towards each another and appreciating the work they have to do. It's very much a team effort in that everyone relies on everyone else to do their job well - and efficiently and fast!
If you're going to leave the set, make sure you tell another member of the make-up team or one of your make-up assistants.  

The unexpected is quite common on a photoshoot and make-up changes can be the result. You can guarantee that when you leave the set, that will be when the make-up artist is needed immediately! I love to be part of every moment on my make-up jobs from the moment the model sits in my chair till the moment I need to remove the make-up. Its makes the whole experience un forgettable.

Here is my take on a Modern 1920s Make-up look in Lille, France shot in a stunning Graveyard using Crownbrush.

Range of Synthetic Brushes- Syntho Series & Infinity Series 

All Crownbrush brushes and products can be purchased on

Two of my favourite pictures from the photoshoot:

Lillian's Ghost


Behind the scene images: 

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

NEW! Crownbrush Patent Black Brush Tube Holder

A NEW addition has arrived this week to add to the Crownbrush make-up storage holder range. This time A plain Black Brush Tube Holder with a professional patent finish! Perfect for keeping your make-up brushes organised at home and on the go. Ideal for carrying your Crown brushes, sponges, disposables, pencils and more.

It’s the perfect functional barrel container made from patent leather which splits into two parts turning into two brush holders. 

Roomy and compact enough for carrying the absolute essentials
Durable patent material that is easy to wash
Makeup Pouch lid is big enough to be used for holding accessories

Available at Professional Beauty Dublin first this weekend whilst stocks last. Soon online!


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

NEW Clear Crownbrush Medium Cosmetic Bag

The NEW clear medium Crownbrush rectangular clear cosmetic bag arrived at Crownbrush HQ this week and simply is a god send this week for me! I have been looking for something to store my Crownbrush palettes and this is a great size for any make-up case or beauty trolley when working on set.
 It is perfect for everyday use too, taking away on holiday. The bag is edged in black fabric and has a Crownbrush zip at the top. Ideal for toiletries, powders, palettes nail varnishes or Crownbrush make up brushes.

A high quality PVC cosmetics bag has been made for professionals in mind which is suitable for carrying make up equipment on set. Made from a heavy duty clear PVC which is durable, strong and waterproof with a Zipped main compartment, including a small separating section to store all your make up & equipment inside.
See-through designs for a make-up artist makes it easy to spot what products and tools are needed when working through your make-up kit on set.  It’s also essential for travelling with but they provide fantastic dressing-table storage too.

Made from high quality materials including superb quality zips and the wipe-clean surface means it will always look fresh and clean
Dimensions: 28.00cm (W) x 6.00 cm (D) x 18.00cm (H)

A top tip when receiving your BRAND NEW Pro clear bag is to place it over your radiator (not for too long or too hot) . I find sometimes the PVC is very stuff when new, so this loosens the bag up making it easier to place your make-up kit into the compartments. 

Only £8.99 & coming online soon! The Clear Crownbrush Medium Cosmetic Bag will be available to purchase at Professional Beauty (Dublin) this weekend & Salon International