Sunday, 7 July 2013

Superman Pop Art Tutorial by Make-up Artist Jade Hughes

I love Instagram to find new upcoming make-up artists. And once again I found another gem- @jadeyhughes who tagged us in ‘Crownyou’ and our #MakeupMonday competition and instantly I fell in love with Jade’s work especially after she created an amazing illusion of E.T on herself which received some crazy likes on Crownbrushuk Instagram.

Jade's Entry for Make-up Monday!... E.T

Some of Jade’s Work:

Jade is currently new to make-up artistry experimenting a lot on herself with 3D face painting looks. I am looking forward to seeing jade’s work grow over time.

For our blog takeover I asked Jade to create an exclusive look for the Crownbrush blog this week to inspire you all and encourage you to experiment with something different. I am loving that all artists are playing with Pop Art at the moment and was very excited when Jade sent me her tutorial of turning herself into a Pop Art Superman for all our Crownbrush fans. Hope you enjoy this tutorial as much as I did. 
Superman Pop Art Tutorial by Jade:

Jade's Step by Step Guide: 
1. Start by applying foundation all over face and neck to get a flawless base. Making sure to conceal any dark circles, redness and imperfections very well.
2. With an eyeliner pencil, draw the outline of the superman logo on your chest and where his suit and cape meets.
3. Fill in the design with the correct colours of face paint as shown.
4. Go over the outline you made with black face paint.
5. Slick hair back and paint over it with black face paint. Proceed to drawing hair curls onto the forehead and fill in with black face paint.
6. Add some blue lines/flicks into the curls to make the hair appear likes its been drawn (cartoon effect)
7. Outline the jaw line, half of the nose, the nostrils and draw two lines going down the neck. Also, draw a line coming from one nostril down to where your lips meet.
8. Outline your ear.
9. Draw on some chunky eyebrows in the shape I have (if you want you can add expression lines)
10. Draw a line going down the cheekbone
11. Outline the edge of your bottom lip and a curved line below it to emphasise the chin.
12. Draw a line where your lips meet (extend outside of lip slightly) and add some slightly curved lines at each end.
13. Now you're superman!

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Are you now feeling inspired to turn yourself into Superman? Or maybe Superwoman?



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