Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Neon Night Lip Art Tutorial by Australian Make-up Artist Michty Maxx

Australian make-up artist Michty Maxx who creates Lip Art on herself caught my eye on her Instagram,  Something I love the most in make-up artistry- 'Lip Art' . I am always following Michty’s work and was very excited that she agreed to create an exclusive Lip Art tutorial for the Crownbrush takeover blog post today. Her work always inspires me to create more lip looks. 

Some of Michty's Work:

Michty’s Takeover…

An amazing makeup artist Karla Powell, whom I respect and admire greatly, featured my Golden Royalty Lip Art (http://polishpedia.com/lip-art-golden-royalty.html) on Instagram. I was absolutely flattered and honoured to be featured on her IG page and another perk was that her attention caught the eye of Crown Brush. Karla asked me on behalf of Crown to create a lip art tutorial for their blog and I gladly took the opportunity to spread my creative juices around.

For our blog takeover today I asked Michty to create an step by step lip art tutorial- An exclusive look for the Crownbrush blog! I am now inspired to play with my glitter collection, hope it inspires you all...

Neon Night Lip Art Tutorial by Michty Maxx

I set about designing a dramatic and impactful lip creation and even asked my boyfriend to help me choose some bright colours and even some glitter. You can wear this design without the glitter and it will look great and be all the better to eat with, however I went all out extreme as usual.
I hope you enjoy the tutorial below and stay posted for more makeup madness from Michty Maxx.

Before you start, apply Lip balm to prep your lips to provide a soft and supple canvas. After letting it soak in for a few minutes, blot off the excess and exfoliate your lips.

Step 1. Apply M.A.C Prep & Prime Lip primer to smooth out your lips and reduce feathering. Then add a shimmery white powder such as Inglot AMC Pressed Powder #59 as your cupid's bow highlight.

Step 2. Thickly outline your lips with a black lip pencil.

Step 3. Blend the black pencil towards the centre of your lips and into the corners with a small lip brush.

Step 4. Apply a pink lip pencil inside the black outline, leaving the centre of your lips bare.

Step 5. Blend the black and pink pencils together to create a gradient using the pencils and a small lip brush. Blending the base layers gives you a better result with your lipstick at the end.

Step 6. Add a white base to the empty space of the centre of your lips. I used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk which is an eye base, but it works just as good for lips too.

Step 7. Blend the white base with the pink pencil with a small lip brush.

Step 8. Apply a shimmery white lipstick over the white base with a small lip brush, making sure to stay inside the shape and allow space for blending later.

Step 9. Apply a shimmery pink lipstick over the lips including the corners and up to the black outline with a new small lip brush.

Step 10. Blend the pink lipstick into the white towards the centre with a lip brush and also mix the two colours on the brush to apply to the border to help the blending. I used liquid lipsticks to make blending easier.

Step 11. Apply a black lipstick around the edge of the lips with a separate small lip brush.

Step 12. Blend the black into the pink for a smooth gradient and also bring the black towards the corners of the lips. Once again, mix the pink and black lip colours together on a palette or lip brush to apply to the border and help blending and give a deep magenta/purple shade. I also added some Portland Black Lipstick Company Black to the edge to intensify the opacity.

Step 13. Add a fine silver holographic glitter to the centre with a small fluffy eye shadow brush and fade out the glitter towards the edges of the white area.

Step 14. Add a translucent duo-chromatic pink glitter to the pink area with a flat eye shadow brush up to the black outline and blend the silver glitter into the pink with the small fluffy brush.


Products Used:

M.A.C Lip Conditioner
M.A.C Prep+Prime Lip
Inglot AMC Pressed Powder #59
NYX Lipliner pencil in Black Berry to line lips
NYX Lipliner pencil in Hot Pink to fill in lips except centre
NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk on centre of lips
Lip tar in Iced on centre of lips
Lip tar in Yaoi over lips
Lip tar in Tarred over outline
Portland Black Lipstick Company Black to darken edges
Eye Kandy sprinkles in Confetti (Fine) over centre

Eye Kandy sprinkles in Cotton Candy (Sugar) over lips

Follow Michty Maxx:

You can experience many more lip art designs on Michty's Blog- 'The Magnificent Makeup of Michty Maxx' here 

A huge thanks to Michty for creating such a beautiful lip art look on the Crownbrush blog takeover. We would love to see you all re create this look at Crownbrush HQ :) 



  1. Wow amazingly talented, I love lip art! The black lip with the matte black crystals in stunning!
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx