Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Be Inspired by Make-up Artist Jade Brady...

Manchester, UK based Make-up Artist Jade Brady who works in weddings, special occasions, photography, TV & film work and creates Asian bridal and special effects makeup caught my eye on our Instagram as well as Jade winning our #MakeupMonday recently. This seems to be my favourite place at the moment discovering different new artists!

What I loved about Jade’s work is that it’s different and unique. Jade is not scared about experimenting with texture colour and design when it comes to make-up. I asked Jade to take over our blog today and create an exclusive look to inspire you all to get creative with make-up.

Some of Jade’s Work:

Jade's Takeover Tutorial…

1. First I applied NYX jumbo pencil in milk all over the lid to act as a base for my eyeshadow.

2. Using the Crownbrush SS0111 Deluxe Oval Shadow brush 
I applied the dark purple from the Crownbrush Professional 88 (01) Palette just above the crease and blended, I also applied this colour on the outer V. 

3. I applied a bright pink from the Crownbrush Professional 88 (01) palette above the purple and blended into the eyebrow.

4. I applied a coral/orange colour from the same palette into the crease, and on the lower lash line.

5. I used a metallic gold eyeshadow and gold glitter on the lid, and decorated the outer area of the eye with random spots of glitter.

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A huge thanks to Jade for creating this fun look on this week's Crownbrush blog takeover.


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  1. These are so gorgeous! I will definetly be having ago :)

    Teresa | Little Bits Of Sunshine