Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Inspiring Eye art by Tal Peleg

I am always discovering new talent on Instagram and at the moment I am loving all the detailed eye art artists are creating all over Instagram. They are saying now that 2014 could well be the year of Eye Art! So move over nail art…

Israeli Make-Up Artist Tal Peleg, who has created amazing incredible creations makes you want to pick up your detailed Crown-brushes to see if you can create something similar, I certainly do! 

Tal has created eye art designs from movies, food and even animals! I catch myself staring at her art or minutes. I can’t actually believe it’s done with make-up!

Tal shares that it's not hard to draw on her own eye and that it's  easier than drawing on someone else's eyelid. Tal also expresses
 it is possible to be so precise with the right equipment, experience, tools and steady hand. People are writing names on rice grains!
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Check out the rest of Tal's amazing design on her Facebook and Instagram.