Friday, 8 November 2013

Blog Takeover with Artsie Fartsie Krystal ! Halloween Inspired...

I haven’t done the Crownbrush Blog take over for a long time and I finally have a new make-up artist to feature on the Blog Takeover this week. I discovered Krystal on Instagram and was in awe with her make-up work instantly and got very excited to know Krystal created this step by step tutorial exclusively for Crownbrush blog on herself inspired by Halloween.

Some of Krystal's Work:

Krystal is from California with an extensive art background, studying body art over 10 years ago! 
Krystal mentioned that, “Painting was already second nature to me...  I can really do it all, but to say something as my specialise area I would say fantasy makeup or realistic portrait... “

Krystal created this amazing exclusive Face Painting design step-by-step to inspire our followers to get creative with paints, brushes and even a bald cap!

Steps 1 through 4 basically is about the bald cap make sure you have some spirit gum to use as adhesive
Once bald cap is applied and dry, start painting your face with a base colour... I chose green.
 Next you can use a mild colour (like brown) to draw on some guidelines you can follow to ensure it symmetrical. 
*From there you can start colour blocking, this helps the process go faster. It's always better to know where you going to put your paint next instead of guessing.
Next start working out the details like the eyes and the teeth.
*Then you can easily transition into the bald cap itself is very easy to paint onto the latex.
Steps 14 through 16 is painting the brain.. Its rather simple to paint a brain,basically all you have to do is start with the darker colour like a red, draw different lines in any random order, covering the whole head or desired area... then go and with the lighter colour maybe a flesh colour or a peach to add some mid tone, then some white highlights for the illusion of depth... Don't over think it!
Finally using a fine tip brush go add the detail with black where its desired like the pupil of the eyes and the inner workings of the brain, between the teeth.
Then your done!!

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Thank you Krystal for inspiring me!
Will you be re creating this look?



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