Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Behind the scenes in Lille with brand ambassador Karla Powell

I had the chance to work away in Lille, France working alongside photographer Luke Woodford once again with an amazing creative team, shooting in beautiful abandoned location and chance to create autumn winter make-up look using some of my favourite Crownbrush products!

If you look from the outside in these behind the scene pictures you may think everyone is just hanging about doing very little. It appears this way because everyone on the set has to wait until someone else completes their task. For instance, lights need adjusting, props must be moved and even in this case we have to find the right suitable location when working in abandoned buildings. Each of these jobs take time, which is why when make-up artists work on set it's important that when you have a job to do, you do it immediately, so you don't keep others waiting any longer than they need to.

The entire team on a set work closely together and good teamwork is created by everyone being sympathetic towards each another and appreciating the work they have to do. It's very much a team effort in that everyone relies on everyone else to do their job well - and efficiently and fast!
If you're going to leave the set, make sure you tell another member of the make-up team or one of your make-up assistants.  

The unexpected is quite common on a photoshoot and make-up changes can be the result. You can guarantee that when you leave the set, that will be when the make-up artist is needed immediately! I love to be part of every moment on my make-up jobs from the moment the model sits in my chair till the moment I need to remove the make-up. Its makes the whole experience un forgettable.

Here is my take on a Modern 1920s Make-up look in Lille, France shot in a stunning Graveyard using Crownbrush.

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Two of my favourite pictures from the photoshoot:

Lillian's Ghost


Behind the scene images: 


  1. wow ... Whilst the pro photos really evoke the whole mood the behind the scenes 2 pictures with the yellow background really show off the makeup application - gorgeous. Will you be doing a tutorial or products used list for this look?