Wednesday, 25 September 2013

601 Mini Sable Travel Make-up Brush Set

The Mini 601 Sable Travel Make-up brush set only £20.49 is perfectly designed to create the perfect full face make-up looks on the go with this seven-piece travel-size brush set. Including a powder, blush and a contour brush, brow/lash, shadow brush, eye fluff/blender and a lip brush. 
The length of these full size brushes ranges from about 9.5cm - 12cm with glossy wooden handles and they are made from natural fine sable and synthetic hair that will hold and apply your make-up smoothly. 
They come in a black soft material bag that folds out for your convenience, with an added zip feature to store your make-up essentials. 

I love some of the brushes in the set especial the blusher brush due to its round shape. Perfect for the daily use of loose and compact blusher powders. The powder brush is oval shape to help create flawless and smooth application that will bring even results with loose powders.
Finally my favourite is the lip-liner brush with synthetic hair. The sharp tip will make sure of fine details and precise lip work. 

With Christmas coming soon, this would be the perfect set to buy a friend! The Mini 601 Sable Travel Make-up brush set is  only £20.49 available on

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