Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Crownbrush Smoke It Out Palette Swatches & GIVEAWAY

I have been looking forward to sharing and swatching the Crownbrush 'Smoke It Out' eye-shadow palette  It's one of my favourite palettes to take a long to photo-shoots  I can create natural looks all the way to creative fun looks. I have also be known to use this palette to create matte lip looks like below on several photo shoots too!

Using Crownbrush Matte eye-shadows layered 
over lipstick to create a matte bold lip.

Photography: Jayesh Pankhania
Make-up: Karla Powell

The Crownbrush ‘Smoke It Out’ palette comes with 36 eye shadow shades mainly consisting of both matte and shimmer colours for only £19.99 

Smoke It Out Palette info:

Includes warm and cold colours-

* Light Shade for highlighting

 * Dark shade for emphasising

* Perfect selection of frosty/shimmer and matte colour
* Neutral Colours neutral in appropriate shades of grey, gold, blue, vanilla, olive, brown, pale purple, mauve, beige & metallic colour.

* High quality ingredients with silky shine colour, prolong lasting time for all day long
*Super-fine powder produce even and long-lasting makeup. Perfectly and closely wear on skin. Feels light, soft and delicate when applied with a Crownbrush.

Swatches of Smoke It Out Palette:

As you can see the Smoke It Out Palette is perfect for both professional make-up artists and personal use.

Are you lusting to get your hands on the Smoke it Out Palette now? 
Simply head over to the 'Makeup' Section on OR you can enter our blog GIVEAWAY now to WIN the palette. imply Follow this blog on Blogger and comment below what make-up looks would you create if you owned the Smoke It Out Palette?

The best answer will be picked midnight 17th March 2013 and the winner will be announced March 18th 2013. Competition is open in Europe only.





  1. a bright blue smokey eye..I love this color anyway, but the ones of this palette are AMAZING!!

  2. If I won, I would use this palette to create a whole host of 1960's looks on my next job, it's got all the colours I'm after! x

  3. Amazing! I could create endless amounts of eye shadow looks, with all those colours the possibilities really are endless, Bright and vibrent or subtle and smokey and everything between, fantastic giveaway x

  4. Ooh this palette would be great for my holidays! I'd do a rainbow inspired look using this also think the colours would be great for me to use as liners, I'd also do a brights/colour pop version of a smokey look and even the cut crease look. If I won I would defo do a post on different looks created using this palette and dedicate it to Crown :) ! Good luck everyone and thanks for another amazing giveaway, I'm already following ur blog

  5. This palette looks beyond amazing! I wouldn't know where to begin with creating looks! It's getting to Spring/Summer so I'd probably try out the brighter colours first, a bit different from my usual black!
    If I won and did have all these colours, I could practice and hopefully perfect shadowing, blending just general eye makeup. I need a lot of practice!

  6. I've always wanted to try and recreate the make-up I see in magazines like the ones to work alongside a sport luxe outfit. I'd never have the confidence to wear those looks outside the house but it always good to broaden my skills and gain confidence. In terms of using the palette for myself with looks that I would actually wear.. I would soften the colours by applying it lightly to create a more smoky eye

    Amazing giveaway! The crown paletts are gorgeous!
    Becky x

  7. With this gorgeous palette I would create the ultimate smokey eye over and over I could do the classic brown and black smoke or mix it up a bit with the wide range of purples(My Fave)...

    As a makeup artist this palette would be perfect in my kit!!
    I am already getting excited with the endless possibility's that this palette could bring and the outrageous looks I could create with it !
    Amazing giveaway
    Beth xoxo

  8. Wow, such fun palette! I love this, I would use it to create something extraordinairy for a photo series for the art studies I follow :) I would certainly use contrasting bold colors, also the next day I would do a simple, natural, smokey eye just for the day, and of course when I would go to a party it'd be a full-out dark smokey eye! Would go great with some cat eye eyeliner!
    I'm very much amazed about how well pigmented EVERY color is, and also about how handy this palette is, you've got about everything you need, bold, neutral, matte and shimmer! This would be great to use when I'm finally NOT making my photographs at home but at a studio at school :) I've got some back problems so carrying heavy bags is hard on my body, but with this palette I wouldn't need to take much else, except some basics :) I really love the idea of using the eyeshadows to spice up your lip-look, so that would certainly be something I would try out as well! :D

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  10. I will try to create some extreme colorful look

    I love playing with fun colors and have been searching for a pallette that cotains all the perfect and most usable colors, this pallette matches my requirement and i hope its pigment is extremely high and easy to apply and durable.. Cant wait to own one, if im not lucky this time, id definitely get 1 on my own :D

  11. I'm quite a safe person when it comes to eyeshadows, never venturing away from neutral colours and never feeling brave enough to buy a bold palette. This palette is the perfect combination for me to continue creating neutral looks but also to venture in to the world of colour!!! I think I'd like to start by creating looks based around Disney characters for my blog (I am a HUGE fan of Disney!) and when I'm confident enough to wear colour out too! Need this in my life!!! So pigmented and beautiful!

  12. If I had this palette the make up creations would be endless. Ultimately I would finally be able to create my fierce day look with a smokey eye utilizing those beautiful shades (i still love to look awesome during the day) and then I could use the intense bright colors to add into my smokey eye to make it POP. The best thing about this palette is that, as a singer/performer it could be my best friend for a stand out stage look. Did i mention how excited this palette makes me.

  13. I would either love to create a purple smokey eye but with a bright yellow lid, or a bright blue smokey eye with a bright orange lid, or a bright pink smokey eye with a bright blue lid. To use the colours for everyday I'd just a wet brush to do a coloured winged eyeliner :) x

  14. Beautiful Smokey Eyes

    The pallet of colour awaits, what will it be today?
    Radiant reds, or beautiful blues,
    Deepest purples such a big choice of hues
    The moment has come to match my mood
    How do I feel today?

    As I stare in the mirror and study my face
    I envisage my make up there will be no mistakes
    The blend will be perfect for all to see
    Smokey eyes will bring power and beauty to me
    That’s how I feel today

    But soft subtle shades will say something more
    Be it kindness of spirit or wonderment galore
    Each colour brings triumph from beauty within
    The tantalising colours are waiting to begin.
    Is this how I feel today?

    My Smokey Eye Pallet, my true trusty friend
    Will enhance me with beauty that will not offend
    I embrace all the colours that lie before me
    And settle for ……………
    As this depicts me
    That’s how I feel today.

  15. I would use the emerald greens and create a dark smokey eye that's perfect for St Patrick's day and also encompasses the Pantone colour!

    I'd also mix the peach and baby pink shades with clear lipgloss to give a pretty nude lip to match :)

    S xx

  16. I am a qualified makeup artist and I always wear the same colours on my eyes and I feel like its time for me to be more adventurous with shadows. This palette would help me to do that! I love the variety of different colours and that it's a mixture of matte AND shimmer!! I would absolutely love to get my hands on this palette, I'm a huge fan of Crown Brush and Karla Powell!

  17. I think this palette is PERFECT for summer! Has enough brights to create stunning daytime summer looks but has enough darker shades to create that perfect smokey eye, no matter what the season! Looks great! :)


  18. Gorgeous pigmentation! I'm in the process of planning a circus/sideshow themed photo series, and the palette would be the perfect product for helping creating the makeup looks, so fingers crossed!


  19. Since this palette is very variegated I'd love to try all the make up looks I didn't dare to wear yet because I thought it would look weird on me. I also would love to try these on my lipstick, didn't think this would work. :) Thanks for the tip and all the swatches.

    xx, Selin

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  21. Wowee what an amazing palette! It really is SMOKIN' hawt! The first thing I would do if I won this? Give them all a name of course! What makeup looks I would create? Well that simply depends on my mood, pop of brights like candyfloss, daffodils and bubblegum for the much awaited spring and summer days, Arabian glow copper if I ever go on holiday this year, plus violets, charcoals, cafee latte and Earth greens and royal blues if Im feeling a little for those dark winter days. All of them would be SMOKED out of course with none other than my fab Crown brushes :-)

    If I ever won this smoked out palette from Crown,
    There'd never be a day in which Id frown,
    Oh Smoked out palette, I need you by my side,
    Love and excitement for you, I just cannot hide...

    Already follwing your lovely blog, thank you for yet another amaxing giveaway.

    Good Luck everyone! xxx

    1. Congratulations for winning the Crownbrush Smoke It Out Palette :)

    2. Please email me at

  22. it's amazing pallet to create colorful spring eyes look. probably you could create million of variations with this pallete. my choice of look would be called Burst Of Colors. Ready For Spring. Using an eyeshadow brush, applying a bright yellow in the inner corners of the eyes, extending the color upwards and outwards to cover about half the lid. Next, taking this bright purple and contour the crease of the eye and blend upward into the brow bone area, gradiently blend it with this yellow. then using a blue to blend into the lower lash line from the inner tear ducts to the outer corners. and lastly using dark blue/black to extending outer corners and blending it with the blue.

    man.., i really would like to try this imaginary look i've just tried to create on myself, i hope this would be really nice spring look, and not just another clown look :) that's why i need this palette - to practice more, and not just dream and fantasize about different looks :)

  23. I don't think there's a look I couldn't create with this palette!! But as a makeup student my end of year project is fantasy related so no doubt I could create something fun and colourful with it!

  24. Congratulations to HinnahKhalifa for winning!